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Global Seeds Malawi helps smallholder farmers improve their productivity and incomes.

Recurring droughts afflict Malawi’s agriculture sector, threatening the livelihoods of Malawi’s smallholder farmers, who constitute 80 percent of Malawi’s population. Thirty-eight percent of Malawians live below the poverty line and stunting rates among children are one of the highest in Africa -- affecting 42 percent of children.

To address food insecurity and spur agriculture-led growth, the Global Seeds Malawi continues to review and implement its overarching development policies and strategies, including the National Nutrition Policy and Strategic Plan; Malawi Growth & Development Strategy; and the Agriculture Sector-Wide Approach.

Recently the Global Seeds Malawi has deployed two policies: the National Agriculture Policy and the Climate Change Policy which will help adapt Malawian agriculture to changing dynamics.

The Global Seeds i is closely aligned with the government’s national plans. The Global Seeds Malawi is coordinating with the Malawian government to:

  • Develop and implement enabling agricultural policies;
  • Improve nutrition through Provission of quality Seeds; and
  • Invest in developing high value crops like Maize,Soya Beans, Sugar beans,Groundnuts, Cow peas and Pegion peas that have the potential to contribute to increased incomes and a diversified diet with improved protein and vitamin intake, which can lead to reduced stunting and improved nutritional outcomes for women and children.

01 Mar 2017