Global Seeds Trains other Seed Companies

Global seeds holding a field day

Global Seeds on 17th March 2017 hosted a field day at its Head Office in Mangochi at Masoto Farm targeting fellow Seed Companies. The un-precedent field day involved production officers from other local Seed companies and begun with a field tour of Breeding Nurseries for Global Seeds. Participants were taken to observe parent seed of some of Malawi’s well Known Drought Tolerant hybrid maize Varieties such as the MH 30 and MH 34.

Commenting on the event, Global Seeds Administration Manager, Meria Phiri said “Global Seeds has opened its doors to fellow Seed companies and we view our relationship to other seed companies as complimentary and not as a competition. Our goals as seed companies is the same, and that is to see increased awareness and utilization of improved seeds by farmers in Malawi”

The climax of the field tour came when participating seed companies where given a tour of a certified seed production of upcoming new drought tolerant Hybrid varieties set for release next year and participants appreciated all the stages of production of a hybrid maize variety and the work that goes in producing Foundation Seed. The field day concluded with a class session whereby Participants were taken through the technical process involved in producing a hybrid Maize including the agronomic practices needed for having a pure hybrid

The field day was of particular importance to Global Seeds partners such as Mgom’mera Seed Investments and Panthochi Seed Investments who are set add Drought Tolerant Hybrid Maize Variety amongst their product range in the coming Season

Global Seeds is a pioneer company in Malawi best known as a supplier of foundation seeds of drought tolerant hybrid maize varieties and Legume seeds.